About Us

People Pivot is a new age workplace management, staffing, people management consulting company, which aims to add value to its customers’ business by providing the right people to help scale up faster and execute better. We are equally committed to our workforce to find work opportunities best suited to their inherent talent so that they achieve their full potential.

It’s our firm belief that creating a win-win solution is the only sustainable solution for businesses and communities. People Pivot is proud to contribute to this evolving ecosystem which aims at maximising efficiency for businesses and at the same time provide growth-oriented employment opportunities.

The Genesis

India is home to many contradictions. One among them is that we have the largest pool of eager-to-be-employed work aspirants while on the other hand industries struggle to find the right talent to staff its operations. This demand-supply gap of skilled manpower prompted us to come together in 2019 to set up People Pivot and create a bridge between business and employment seekers.


To provide an exceptional customer experience while continuously working towards creating better lives.


People Pivot’s mission is to help businesses achieve operational efficacies and competitiveness by deploying trained manpower to handle business operations.

It is also our mission to use the technology to bridge the gap between employment opportunities and work aspirants by accurate talent assessment and focused training programmes.

Our Values

We are passionate about wanting to help businesses and people achieve their full potential.

Our customers are our guiding light and we listen closely to their needs and wants.

Treat all our associates fairly and provide equitable opportunities for their personal growth and professional success.

Maintain transparency and highest standards of ethics and integrity with all our stakeholders.